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Personal Growth

A happy life is a successful life. Before you can experience success, you must first be at peace with yourself and adopt a positive outlook on life. It’s not about wearing rose-tinted glasses, but more about perspective. Use what life hands to you and make the most out of it.

Productivity & Goal-Achievement

We all have dreams we aspire to fulfill and goals we want to achieve. Yet life has its roadblocks, and we have procrastination, excuses and the lack of motivation. That’s why I love writing about tips and tricks that will bring you back on track and help you be persistant and disciplined. Let’s do this together.

Planning & Organizing

If you are half the planner addict I am and loooove to organize anything and everything, you’ve come to the right place. I post about stationery, organizational tools, and all you need to know about planning for school, work or personal goals.

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Train of Thought | 1

I have become very self aware of the ease by which I make up a thousand excuses not to do something because I am afraid of failing. I am also afraid of having people/colleagues see me as someone who makes mistakes. Ridiculous, I know! We can pin it on me being a perfectionist or we can […]

Take Control | Goal Achievement Series – Part 4

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: PUZZLE PIECE #1 : create your avatar Sit back, close your eyes and imagine the kind of person you want to be. Is there someone you look up to? Any skills, hobbies, habits you care to adopt? Anything that speaks to you on a deep level…  At this point, […]

Build a solid foundation | happier life 1

It’s all about your foundation   I’m a conscientious person; I like to do things well, no matter how much or how little interest I have in it. It works all right when things are swell. Enter dark phase(s) in my life: everything comes crumbling down – or more accurately, I crumble. “Why?” you may […]

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