Take Control | Goal Achievement Series – Part 4

PUZZLE PIECE #1 : create your avatar

Sit back, close your eyes and imagine the kind of person you want to be. Is there someone you look up to? Any skills, hobbies, habits you care to adopt? Anything that speaks to you on a deep level… 

At this point, I’d suggest you take a pen and notepad and draw a stick figure right in the middle of the page. Around it, write every skill, characteristic, hobby, and goal that make up your potential self (the self you want to be).

Each step you take to accomplish a specific goal is personalized and caters to your own vision of life (i.e. being healthy or intelligent can be defined differently by each and every one of us).  

After personalizing your avatar, you might be a little overwhelmed. That is not necessarily a bad thing. You might already be doing some of the things your wrote down. For the ones you haven’t started, you need to understand that you will definitely not be taking on every goal at the same time. It’s important to filter through your “puzzle pieces” and determine which ones represent your very core (or foundation) and which ones are the bonuses/extras.

Looking at all the pieces that characterize your potential self, pick the ones that are the most important to you. Are you already working on some of them? If so, that’s great. If you’ve been at them for while and they’ve become ingrained in your routine, then consider taking on a new goal. 

  • I strongly suggest to pick 1 to 2 goals to work on that 1) mean the most to you and 2) are able to accomplish considering your current situation (in terms of time, responsibilities and money).

Now that we downsized the list to 1-2 goals (I’ll call them focus goals from now on), we are ready to move on to the next step.

Puzzle piece #1 Key POINTS

  1. You can’t do everything at the same time
  2. Do not spread yourself too thin
  3. Start with the foundation (the biggest, more important part that represents your very core)

PUZZLE PIECE #2: create your (detailed and specific) path

To get from point A to point B probably requires more than one or two steps. Therefore it is important to know what it takes to achieve your focus goals. Making a timeline is an essential part of keeping yourself in check and tracking your progression. 

***Quote from Max Dupree

In fact, having the timeline set out in front of you brings you closer to actually taking action. Because we can dream all we want, but as long as we do not actually execute the plan, nothing will ever change. 

It is not necessary to know every step from the very beginning. Just know the first 2-3 and start with that. You’ll figure it out as you progress.  

Puzzle piece #2 Key POINTS

  1. Seeing the end goal can be overwhelming. Focus on the first and next step to take. Plan accordingly.

PUZZLE PIECE #3: take action

When fear decides to pay you a visit

It’s normal to succumb to our fears and let it get the best of us. You’ll find yourself making excuses and pushing things off to the next day and the next… It’s important to snap out of it and take a step back. Analyze your behaviour and how you’ve been spending your time. What do you notice?

  • The intention of getting a task done (i.e. allocating a time slot in your planner) but never get to completing it?
  • The first day you plan your new way of living and on the second day you forget all about it just to realize in two-three months that you haven’t done anything to get closer to where you want to be?

The reasons for our fears are personal to each and every one of us, but the end goal should be the same for all: get past your fear(s) and live to your fullest potential. It’s normal to slow down, to feel like you’ve taken three steps back… But if the goal is truly important to you, you need to be persistent – note that persistent here is in terms of effort, dedication and conscientiousness. If a method does not get you results, be open to adapt – or more appropriately “adapt. react. readapt. apt.” (google Michael Scott if you want to learn more…).

Rebooting your journey


I’ve mentioned perspective several times on this blog and I will definitely insist on it in the future. The power of the mind is stronger (in both the worst and best of ways) than your physical makeup. And it isn’t about painting a rosy image either. If the glass is empty… it’s empty. But what are you going to do about it?

  • Is it something you can control? 
  • Is it out of your control? 

Basically, it’s about the empowering feeling you get from believing in yourself. Whether in your ability to take control of the situation or of your emotions. So if you are in a rut, you are the only one who can take yourself out of it. Knowing that you don’t need to be saved by something or someone but yourself should be empowering enough.


If there is one thing you do today that will make your day complete, regardless of what you look like or how messy your room or house is, then make it the first and only thing you do that day.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that checking off several, less important tasks is productive; it’s not. It’s simply a type of procrastination.


Just do it. After the introspection and the planning, the only thing left to do is to take action. You want to wake up earlier in the morning? Then do it. You want to establish a regular training program? Then get on with your workout. You want to be a better student? Then open your books and study. 

Puzzle piece #3 Key POINTS

  1. Be prepared to fight through the excuses. It’s a beautiful thing to create your own reality, but it can also be scary. Excuses will pop up in order to shield you from the fear. Understand where it is coming from and remember your purpose. 
  2. Perspective is everything when it comes to dealing with obstacles and life circumstances. Keep in mind your goals are something you want to do – not have to do. 
  3. Focus on what needs to be done.
  4. Execute. Point final.

So this completes the 4-part goal achievement series. There is so much more to say and expand on, and with every new experience and lesson I learn, I will definitely talk about this more in the coming future. If you have any questions and suggestions, comment down below or send me a private message through the contact tab.

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